Monday, April 9, 2018

Frist Post

So blogging is dead, but I have recently begun learning Android app design and wanted to kind of chronicle my progress. Unfortunately I might have waited a little bit too long because I already have six apps in the app store.

None of them are very complicated (or popular), and I think I only released my first app about a year ago (I just checked, it was about 18 months ago), though, so I am still very much a beginner.

One of the main reasons that I want to write about stuff here is that this is just a hobby to me. I am a university professor (totally unrelated field) and students are all under the impression that they can become zillionaire app developers or Youtubers or whatever. I would like to be able to point them somewhere that shows how making even a simple app is a ton of hard work and even if the app is perfect (as all of mine are ;)) that is no guarantee that anyone will download them.

Anyway, because of my job, I am lucky enough to have free time to do this as a hobby, but I also have three young kids so it isn't like I have hours and hours a day to spend coding and doing stuff. My main hope is that I can dissuade people who think that app making is a get rich quick scheme, and conversely I can hopefully help people who want to learn a bit about coding but are kind of scared and don't know where to start. To that end, my next post will discuss how and why I ended up designing Android apps. Until then, have a nice day and try to be kind.

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